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Wallprinter Australia takes whatever’s in your head and transforms it into reality, pretty much anywhere you want it. 

Whether it’s something you’ve been designing for months, or you’re just done looking at that blank wall. What are you waiting for, turn your thinking into printing!


Pricing starts at AUD $250 per m².

With a minimum of 3 m².

Previous projects

Wall art post office
Kourt Glass artwork
AC Flo barber bondi
Wall mural 1
Entertainment area
Surf picture wall print
Kebab shop signage wall print
Coffe shop wall print
Gallery exhibition copy

Suitable surfaces

Wood surface


Glass surface


Wood chip surface


Brick surface


Metal surface


Concrete surface
Plaster surface


Tile surface


Fabric surface



Wallprinter Australia uses the WallPen® E2, the absolute gold standard in wall printing.

This German-made machine has many patents and WallPen® have been at the forefront of innovation for many years.

We work with a variety of businesses and industries



We can achieve amazing results for a fraction of the costs of other solutions. Digital wallprinting is also reproducible so once designed we can print as many times as you want.


The print is instantly scratch and abrasion resistant. The prints UV resistant and are guaranteed color fast for at least 12 years (indoors) and 3 years outdoors.


Plastered wall, wood, stone, plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, concrete the list goes on! As long as the surface is clean and solid we can print on it!


The actual setting up and printing is done quicker than you think. Having said that, we make sure we get it right the first time and do not cut any corners.

  • How does it work
    Vertical printing uses five separate drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet printheads with CMYK+W colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white). The unit automatically moves along the wall on a steered, patented platform on wheels controlled by laser sensors.
  • How long do I have to leave the wall to dry?
    Maybe one of the coolest features of our printer is that it creates work that is instantly dry. How? Two words: UV. Lamp.
  • My wall is pretty long, is that okay?
    There is NO length limit. However long, we can do it. We can also print up to 4 metres high. Note* Due to the limitations of inkjet technology, there are margins in corners to adjacent walls, floors and ceilings. These are 6 cm on the left, 10 cm on the right, 25 cm on the top, and 25 cm on the bottom.
  • Can you print onto uneven surfaces?
    Our printer has laser sensors to preview unevenness and prevent it from bumping into the wall.
  • Can I see how it looks
    Printing your design on high-quality inkjet printer on normal paper gives a pretty good idea of how it will look in real life. We have customers who are more than happy to show of their print! Just reach out to us and we will set you up to inspect these amazing murals.
  • Does the ground need to be flat?
    Yes, the ground needs to be solid and flat. If this is not the case a platform structure needs to be set up. The printer weighs about 70 kilos so a solid ground is absolutely necessary.
  • What designs can be printed:
    You can print virtually any graphic, sketch, image, logo or text!
  • File extensions
    So AI, EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP files are generally no problem!
  • Print speed:
    Its about 1.5m2 per hour.
  • Does the ink fade over time?
    The ink holds its quality up to12 years indoors and 3 years outdoors.
  • Which surfaces/substrates can be printed on?
    We use a very resistant plastic-like UV ink, that cures immediately under the integrated UV curing lamp and can be used on almost any kind of material (substrate). So plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, paint, stone, plastic, most tiles and many more are proven and work very well. If you want to print on a surface that we have not yet encountered we would always do a test print.

Sydney NSW

1300 925 577


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We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.
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